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Playful Summer Playsuits!

Our first Blog Post!  Finally!!

Since Lily was a baby I always loved dressing her in pretty little outfits, particularly in Summertime.  Pretty Sun dresses with the frilly knickers underneath! As a baby she had frilly knickers in every colour! And a bow to match too, of course! 

Lily is now almost 5yrs old & the frilly knickers are out & the Playsuits are in! 

 We just love wearing Playsuits. One piece & she's dressed, gorgeous colourful patterns, light & airy & they are just sooo cute on, right?!  I remember the Summer I was toilet training Lily & the Playsuits were just not practical.  I was gutted but we've more than made up for it since then!🙈 

Lily is really loving these two Playsuits right now. Her 'Superstar' & 'Pretty Pineapple' as she calls them! Fun Fact...Lily reckons she smells like a pineapple after a bath!😂 Her eyes nearly popped when she saw the Playsuit!🍍

Both Playsuits are from Next & were only €14 each. They're really good quality & look super cute on! Next have a great selection of Playsuits for Summer. I'm sure we'll be adding more to the wardrobe!☀️⛱

We have styled the 'Superstars' Playsuits with a Large 'Coconut Ice' Summer Sparkle Bow, available in the Summer DazeCollection☀️💫

The Pineapple Playsuit is styled with a Medium Rainbow yellow Bow available in the Rainbow Collection. 

Jewellery is models own!!👑

Niki & Lily xx

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